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My name is Pamela Madsen and I am addicted to reading, writing, and talking about all  things that are connected to fertility and sexuality. This weeks round up of what is hot and  making me want to give a shout out, and point my thumbs up – leads off with what may be yet another pharmaceutical break through for people struggling with infertility. And I heard about it through a press release.

A European medical advisory committee known as the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use, which is a part of the European Medicines Agency which is like an advisory committee to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recommended approval of a new fertility biotech drug known as ELONVA.  ELONVA is produced made by Merck & Co. for women who are experiencing infertility.

ELONVA which is not yet available is special because it will drastically reduce the need for injections for women who need to stimulate follicle growth as part of a controlled ovarian stimulation treatment such as in vitro fertilization.  One subcutaneous injection will replace the first seven injections of any daily recombinant follicle stimulating hormone medication. Now how cool is that? I know a lot of women that would welcome this new medication to market. When will this medication be available to infertility patients in the United States? I don’t have a clue – but it is coming! It’s hard to believe that I took a three inch needle in my backside delivered by my unskilled husband for more days than I care to remember when I needed fertility drugs.  Kids today have it so much easier…..

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month? In my view, when we talk “Adoption Awareness” we need to open the space and the conversation to more than “Is it time to adopt?”  and “How to talk to a birth mother”. Adoption just like everything else in life is complicated and there are many voices in the adoption world. Thank God for the internet and the blogosphere – because that is where freedom of speech really does rain.  Check out these passionate and sometimes raw blogs that talk about the joys, struggles, myths and challenges of adoption from every possible angle:

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Not interested in adoption? Are Fibroids and Polyps more on your mind? If they are – take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Did you know that Fibroids and Polyps are one of the most common complaints of women looking for information on line? For a great article on the subject check out “Are Fibroids and Polyps Preventing You From Getting Pregnant?”

So far in this round up of what is grabbing the attention of this Fertility Advocate – we have hit fertility drugs, adoption, fibroids and polyps!  Are you ready to talk about “personal lubricants”?  How’s that for a segue to my next thumbs up?

Many people don’t know that there are now lines of organic sexual lubricants on the market. And if you are trying to conceive – or simply wanting to have sex – why not go organic?  After all – you are trying to eat organic right? Why wouldn’t you use organic products in the places that are as intimate as on your body and love making?Check out Firefly Organics, and Yes Pure Intimacy.

And since I am on the subject of sex (you know that I would get there)  the New York Times is literally buzzing with exciting articles and videos on the subject. Check out the insightful review on Sarah Ruhl’s new hit Broadway Play “In The Next Room” by The New York Times -  “Beyond Electricity, Towards Female Emancipation

This story takes place before the days of the  Hitachi Magic Wand. By the way my eighty something year old  mother just loved the show and  can’t stop talking to me about it.

Do you want to hear an honest and open voice for sexual freedom? Check out “Lolita Wolf: The Kinky Lover” in the NY Region Section of The Times on Line Video Section “One in 8 Million”.

Sex educators are also paying attention to  Orgasm Inc. a new documentary on the race to develop the first Viagra for women. Do women really need a pill to create sexual desire in their lives or does the pharmaceutical industry need another gold mine?

You can decide for yourself.

Have a great Monday and happy clicking!

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Talking, writing, educating and change making in the field of fertility for more than twenty years
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