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Happy Mother's Day To ALL of Us: There Are So Many Ways To Give Birth!

I haven’t posted in over a week. That’s a long time for this woman who loves to blog and who seems to have so much to say. And then there is Mother’s Day – and it is often such a hard day for so many people trying to conceive. I have been blogging about Mother’s Day for over two decades. I work so hard at coming up with comforting things to say about how to cope. It is often a busy week with my Fertility Coaching clients – who are figuring out strategies for getting through Mother’s Day Weekend.

Mother’s Day for me is all about creation – and what that means to me is that there are so many ways to give birth.

A few months I spent time on a sheep ranch in Southern California.  It was a working dairy farm that took in guests – so I didn’t the owners before I arrived.  It was an amazing experience. The ranch is owned by a beautiful couple – now in their sixties.  I would have guessed fifties – as they were so fit and healthy looking.

The ranch is what everyone person who ever dreamed of creating a sustainable organic life style ever dreamed of.  There are about 150 sheep and goat for cheese making – and meat.  They raise pigs, chickens, ducks, and have a garden that goes for miles.

They care about creating healthy organic food – and the cheese which they sell.  I cannot put into words the love that was in that house. The dogs and cats greeting us with kisses. The pride in which they showed us the cheese making rooms – and how they care for their animals.

Over red wine, I told them about my book tour – and my background. When I mentioned infertility - their eyes locked over the table.  Oh.  I knew that look.  The “Mrs” started to talk to me about their infertility – so many years ago. And how they couldn’t have children even though they tried IVF.  So instead she decided to raise sheep – and make cheese.

I looked around her kitchen – through the windows at her incredible, life sustaining ranch. At what she and her husband had created with their lives. No they didn’t have children. In the infertility world they call this “Child Free Living” – but somehow that term really does not describe what people who are not raising children can often create in this world.  This couple had created life in such an amazing way.

I am thinking of them right now and blowing sweet Mother’s Day kisses to them…..and to you. I know that you are creating and birthing something magical right now in your life. It could be a baby – or something else entirely.

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Talking, writing, educating and change making in the field of fertility for more than twenty years
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