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Don’t Wait Too Long For a Second Opinion When TTC

People tend to find The Fertility Advocate blog or call me for fertility coaching when they are feeling stuck, or frightened on their infertility journey.  I become their beacon of light during what can be a very dark time, and what I often help with is direction around the dreaded second opinion. The  second opinion is often filled with fear for patients. They worry about upsetting the apple cart where they are – and they don’t know quite what they are looking for.

The fact is that the new year is looming, and you may still be in the same place that you were last year in trying to conceive.  My advice is that it is time for the second opinion.

Don’t worry,  it won’t make your doctor hate you and besides it is about taking care of yourself.  The good news for second opinion seekers if that several IVF Centers around the country are now offering various types of free initial consultations. But even if the doctor that you want to see doesn’t – it is often worth the time and the money to get some new insight into your situation.

What You Need to Know And What to Expect From a Second Opinion

You will need to get your medical records to the doctor before your visit if the consultation is really going to do anything for you.

Expect to have a physical exam,  blood work or an ultrasound done even if you have had these tests done before.

It is often through a second opinion that you will find a new road on your path to parenthood. On the other hand, a second opinion may also reassure you that you are presently at the right place for treatment and no change is necessary. It is just time to keep the faith and stay the course at your present center.

Use the second opinion to learn about innovative new treatment plans that you may not have heard of before.  There are always new treatments – and sometimes you just have to be pointed in a new direction.

Use the second opinion to get an overview of the program and the doctors. Do you like the atmosphere of the center? Are the staff friendly and warm? How was the experience for you when you booked the appointment? If it wasn’t great – probably that is an indicator of what is to come! This is a first date! Do you want a second? How well were you treated?

Are you still with your gynecologist and uncertain about whether or not it is time to move on to a fertility specialist? Use the second opinion to have that important conversation with an expert.

Are you facing a difficult decision such as moving on to egg donation? Once again – getting the second pair of eyes on your case may be the perfect solution to knowing that you are making the right decision.

Second opinions may change everything. Please don’t be frightened of them. If you want a little help – I am offering a one time session with me  – “Recharge Your Treatment Consult” to help set you on a new path for the New Year. If you are interesting in learning more about “Recharge” – please drop me an email at

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Talking, writing, educating and change making in the field of fertility for more than twenty years
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  1. I think it’s also good advice not to wait too long before consulting a fertility specialist – especially if you are over 30 years old.

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