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IVF Center Moving The Focus Towards Infertility Prevention

One of the biggest issues facing women who want to have a child, but are not ready for various reasons is the race against their own biological clocks.  Many women don’t want to have a child alone, and while they are waiting for an appropriate partner, they watch their best reproducing years fade away.  In the past, there was very little a woman could do to preserve their fertility, outside of creating embryos with donor sperm for future use. With the recent successes with egg freezing, some women have started to bank their own unfertilized eggs for future use. Unfortunately, until now – the price tag has gotten in the way for many women.

Pacific Fertility Center of LA announced this week that they are  implementing a new In Vitro Fertilization Egg Freezing  Financial Package for patients  who desire to freeze eggs for later use.

In 1997, PFCLA pioneered one of the most revolutionary financial programs in the field of medicine by sharing financial risk with their patients (The Refund Plan), in the form of monetary refunds in case of failure to achieve a pregnancy with In Vitro Fertilization.

Now Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles is excited to announce, an IVF egg freezing package. The details of the plan are as follows:

Patients who are less than 44 years old and are not ready to conceive at present but want to preserve their fertility potential by freezing their eggs qualify for this plan. Patients need to have a normal ovarian reserve as assessed by a PFCLA physician.

The plan cost is $10,000.

The plan includes as many IVF cycles as necessary to generate and freeze at least 20 eggs.

The Plan is completed once at least 20 eggs are frozen.

The Plan excludes testing (usually covered by insurance), fertility medications and anesthesia.

This trend, to support women in their desires to preserve their fertility at an affordable price is truly pioneering – and I believe that we will soon see more IVF Centers create programs such as this one. To set up a free consultation to see if this program is right for you, please contact Pacific Fertility Center.

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Talking, writing, educating and change making in the field of fertility for more than twenty years
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  1. This is great news, thanks for sharing Pamela. Also, this is great news. Seems like things are moving forward in this field!

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