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Celebrity Look Alike Donor Sperm: Got any George Clooney in Those Tanks?

From the NBC Headlines, I thought that California Cryobank had gotten Tom Hanks to be a sperm donor! But no – apparently they are seeking out sperm donors that look like Tom Hanks, or any other male celebrities to build their new service of sperm donor celebrity look alikes. Ya know, you just can’t make this stuff up! And my initial reaction? Blech. This just feels wrong in so many ways.

But here is the deal and you decide. California Cryobank does not show pictures of their sperm donors like their competitors at the Xytex Corporation. But many would be sperm donor recipients want a “picture” of what their sperm donor looks like – sometimes just hearing that he is tall, dark and handsome with green eyes and a full mouth is not enough. Recipients want to see! California Cryobank is committed to a model of sperm donation that does not allow their recipients to see their sperm donors – so telling them that the donor looks just like for example – Clive Owens helps the recipient couple get a “picture” of the donor. After all, there are lots of pictures of celebrities right? So what’s wrong with saying that sperm donor 007 happens to look like James Bond?

Okay, I get it that “the celebrity look alike” thing is all simply a way for recipients to try to deal with, and side step their natural desire to see pictures of and even perhaps meet the sperm donors.

Personally, I would want to see an actual picture of the actual donor as opposed to a “stand in double” loaded with some kind of fantasy back drop of who this donor actually is. But that’s me – and I have never had to choose a sperm donor. And perhaps it is the unconscious fantasy backdrop that is disturbing….

I wonder with this service now available if there starts to be a run on actors or public figures that are currently in the news or at the height of popularity like the rush of new baby girls named Miley? Must be hard to keep Brad Pitt in stock! Got any President Obama in there?

Often when people are choosing sperm donors they are seeking out certain key charactoristics that speak to them. And sometimes, they are trying to match the physical attributes of a family member or spouse. Most of us are not partnered up with men that look like George Clooney or Matt Damon, and our favorite Uncle Charlie may be closer to looking like John Adams than any current day heart throb.

I wonder if there is ever any call for any Paul Giametti?

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Talking, writing, educating and change making in the field of fertility for more than twenty years
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  1. So what happens when a recipient couple or a single mother to be selects for instance an egg donor that resembles Brad Pitt, however when her child is born the baby resembles Jay Leno, or Albert Einstein? Is this recipient going to have recourse on the sperm bank because she got sold bad goods?

    I think that sperm banks should show photos of their sperm donors like many agencies and clinics do of their egg donors.

    There isn’t anything wrong with wanting a pretty baby, or a good looking kid. Let’s face it, regardless of whether we like it or not those that are good looking and fit get ahead in life and are more successful on a whole, than those of us who are plain Jane, or plain Joes, frumpy and overweight (that’s a whole nother post right there!)

    However, I really think it’s not a healthy thing for sperm banks to be telling recipients their sperm donors look like any celebrity, public figure etc…

    Back when I did this — I had to rely upon my doctor and my egg donor coordinator to make the best match for my husband and myself. And they did.

  2. How awful, how discouraging to those of us trying to do good work. I flipped through a certain “fertility related” publication this morning and saw ads for so many products…the marketing to and, frankly, exploitation of those wishing for a baby is disheartening, some times….just a bummer!

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