Desperate House Wife Comes Out About Using Donor Eggs

Posted by Pam Madsen on March 31, 2010 in Donor Egg · 5 Comments

It’s not unusual for celebrities to cop to doing infertility treatment anymore. There has been a huge shift in that. But talking donor egg? Not so much! I think we all need to give Marcia Cross, who plays Bree in popular sitcom Desperate Housewives props! She is now talking about how she conceived her twin daughters Savannah and Eden and her long journey to motherhood.

In 2006, Cross married stockbroker Tom Mahoney and the couple, desperate to conceive, reportedly skipped their honeymoon in order to begin fertility treatment.

According to Female First, the actress stated: „We decided to skip our honeymoon and try In Vitro after the wedding. I had already been through infertility treatments. It’s very, very difficult to get pregnant in your 40s. It’s costly and tough on your body and your relationship.“

Cross, also shared that she wished that she had started to build her family earlier:

“I wish that I’d had my girls in my 30s. Then I could be around longer for them. But they’re an incentive for me to stay healthy, take care of myself, and live as long as possible.“

Contrary to many online sources, Marcia Cross conceived thanks to an egg donor and her openness regarding her situation is very important to other women struggling to conceive. So many high profile couples use donor eggs and have pregnancies well past the time when IVF with their own eggs would have resulted in a pregnancy. By Marcia telling the whole story without shame helps shed light for others exploring donor egg as a family building option.

Marcia Cross used donor eggs to get pregnant
So many women still believe that the biological clocks goes on forever. With high profile women finally sharing their stories about egg donation – it will not only help women see donor egg as a viable option but it will also help so many women understands the limits of their own biology.

For many of us in the fertility world – it has been hard to watch high profile celebrities talk about doing IVF to conceive their children in their late forties and fifties and insist that they used their own eggs. The false hope that these types of “white lies” have on women can really be devastating. And these lies also created a sense of shame in women who need to use donor egg.

Nationwide there are almost no pregnancies from IVF in women over age 45 who use their own eggs and the pregnancy rates in women over age 42 using their own eggs is in the low single digits.