Read Yourself “In The Mood” For Baby Making Sex!

Posted by Pam Madsen on December 15, 2010 in Baby Making Sex, conception tips, Desire, Female Sexual Desire, Fertility, Fertility Tips, Infertility, IVF, Sex, sexual health, sexuality, Shameless, Zestra · 2 Comments

Sex and trying to conceive (TTC) can be a real mood buster. Isn’t it ironic that what you used to do for pleasure and what many of us do to make a baby can be turned on it’s heels by infertility? It is one of those dirty tricks that life can play on us. And if you are not doing IVF – to try to conceive – you really need to get yourself in the mood when you could be feeling pretty cranky with your ovulation predictor kit! So what can you do to get yourself in the mood?

Did you know that you could read yourself into the mood for love making? Did you know that sexy books could really turn you on? Spike up your sexual desire – and make you want to get grab your partner for a little baby making romp in the hay?

We all know about “girlie magazines” right? That is pretty clear – but I have to admit to some very ripe memories of reading bodice rippers and giggling with my girlfriends that they were “girl porn”. Yep – they turned me on and got me all hot and bothered! Little did I know that I was engaging in Bibliotherapy.

Biblitherapy is using reading to increase sexual desire – and turn up our sexual heat.

I couldn’t get over that there was an actual therapy based on what I was doing organically and for fun! I learned all about this from a fabulous sexologist by the name of Dr. Susan Kellogg Spadt when I heard her speak recently at breakfast dedicated to understanding female sexual arousal sponsored by Zestra – a new organic female arousal gel – that I love.

I could read myself sexy and so can you! I loved that – and it was good to be reminded that I used to actually do that all the time. It was fun – and easy. And why had I stopped doing this? I really didn’t know….but I had. When was the last time you picked up a sexy book?

I don’t know about you….but I am heading off to Borders – even if I am not making any babies right now! I know – I’m shameless!